The Lisbon European Council in 2000 has began a process of growing awareness of education and training policies as central factors to a wider strategy aimed at ensuring  sustainable economic growth and greater social cohesion within the European Union.

Within this framework the Ministry of Education has set up, since 2004, a process known as “Europa dell’istruzione” (Europe for Education) that, respectful of the different local contests and autonomies, has ever since endorsed actions plans to foster the creation of a European space for education and training, promoting, among other initiatives, the development of networking of schools determined to offer their contribution on thematic areas as a positive response to meet the goals set by the Lisbon Strategy and reaffirmed in the work programme Education and Training 2010” approved by the European Council in March 2004.

To ensure its contribution  to the process “Europa dell’istruzione” the thematic network “Più lingue, più Europa” ( More Language, more Europe ) seeks to channel all the synergies of some beacon schools, located nationwide, and with relevant experience  in the field of language teaching, which may pilot and support initiatives designed to  promote multilingualism and the spreading of successful practice for its implementation.